Sanitars always paid great attention to innovation.

In this way is born the line COLOR&PERFUME: a range of products made by EXCLUSIVE AND VERY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, which allowed the creation of these two collections of products extremely cosmetic for body care.
The line is composed by a range of cotton pads for make-up in different size with the following plusses:
  • DOUBLE FACE : one smooth surface is coloured and scented, the other is white with stripes for make-up removing;
  • EXTRA SOFT: products are enriched with softening elements, so they are more velvety;
  • SCENTED: these pads are still more pleasant to use thanks to the addition of a nice fragrance;
They are also enriched with natural glycolic essences which give all the active principles and benefits of the used plants.

It’s also possible to produce these pads not coloured, adding perfume and glycolic essence only.
The collections are: ALOE and CAMOMILE
All the ingredients used have been dermatologically tested by qualified labs.