During all these years Sanitars put first the INNOVATION; it was the first in the world to use the “water tangled” technology for the production of cotton pads and the first to produce cotton coil for buds with really high quality and constant weight, becoming very quickly the absolute leader in Italy.
QUALITY is at the first place of Sanitars priorities to meet a more and more demanding and careful cotton market. Through the enhancement of the production technology, one of most advanced in Europe, Sanitars is on the market the ideal partner for private labels realization.
The current production capacity is around 80 million bags of pads per year; as well as pads with special size and shape, cotton balls and cotton wool pleat.
In 2004 Sanitars developed the new technology IDROCLEAN ® for the realization of 100% pure cotton spunlace for the production of handkerchiefs, napkins, cloths and wipes.

Sanitars mission is the full satisfaction of the final consumer and customer needs through adequate and innovative products with high and constant quality, taking care of the environment, starting from the accurate selection and controls of raw material – only pure cotton Comber – till the packaging realization.

Sanitars is IFS HPC and GOTS certified and overcame many audits of external organizations sent by the customers.
Cotton Pads