Sanitars primary aim is the customers satisfaction, in compliance with their needs and expectations. Sanitars Quality System must be a basic means as for internal management as for recording and explaining what the Company makes in order to guarantee the quality of products and internal processes; moreover it is the main means to support the continuous improvement. Therefore, we believe essential to follow a Quality Policy that changes when the organization and markets change, in compliance with the expectations of the Board and Sanitars people who cooperate every day to reach this aim. For this reason, the document of Quality Policy is drawn in the “PLAN OF COMPANY IMPROVEMENT”, updated at every Management re-examination. Periodically, normally during the Management re-examination, the Improvement Plan, and as a consequence our Quality Policy, is updated to the actual state of improvement preset action, in order to verify the real application of continuous improvement as successful strategy of our organization. In this perspective, Sanitars believes very important: • To plan periodic meetings with the Board defining and reviewing the goals of the Quality improvement; • To support the Quality Assurance Managers, directly relied on Quality Direction, in order to assure an efficient and updated management of established System; • To set periodically new goals for the indexes and to review periodically our Quality Policy to check its continuous adequacy; • To monitor the Quality (through audits, process controls, data analyses, etc…) in order to guarantee that what established in the Quality Policy and its documentation System is adequately fulfilled; • Continuous monitoring and compliance with the hygienic-sanitary procedures, through a control plans periodically updated (managed by qualified staff and respected by all company staff), tools for the impurities detection (i.e. Metaldetector) and a permanent control of potential contamination of our products, like glass, plastic, etc… "A core quality of real leadership is passioni..."
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